WHAT IS ready4work?

Ready 4 Work is an app to facilitate access to employment for people with additional support needs. Through 54 different situations recorded with professional actors, the app teaches users how to solve the most common situations related to work responsibilities, personal image and social relationships at work.


As a teaching tool it helps us to teach our participants how to solve common situations and improve the following:

1) job responsibilities in an office, such as: wearing appropriate clothing, admitting mistakes, not hiding pending tasks, taking orders correctly, not disappearing when there is work, respecting breaks, not leaving early, etc.

2) personal image and personal hygiene at work such as: keeping your nails manicured, not touching your nose, handwashing, eating properly, wearing a clean uniform, etc.

“This is an excellent tool to aid professionals teaching participants to analyse and properly react to situations that they can find in their day-to-day lives at work. It is a tool that helps us to lead group discussions, analysing different reactions seen (the app shows you three different reactions to choose from). These potential reactions and their consequences/ ramifications are discussed in groups. Without the app, a great deal of this learning would be very difficult to teach and to grasp, as it is quite abstract. The app helps us to see clear examples of situations and then talk about them. The app helps us to make these situations real to the participants, as they can see themselves reflected in the videos and the information resonates with them, consequently facilitating discussion and teaching these concepts. ”



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This app advertises good data protection.



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