WHAT IS WhatsDo?

WhatsDo is a small but solid tool, that guides you through the process of decision making. It makes you reflecting on your choices, the criterias regarding that specific choice and how important they are in relation to others. It then shows you graphically, how good your choices meet the criterias.


When a client is insecure in the process of decision making, for example how to choose between different training options in the care profession or a direct contract as support staff, this tool can be used to guide the client through this process. The ‘result’ is obviously not binding, but the process of the app makes you think of your options in a very structured way.

“The actual benefit of that tool is not the result, but the process, where you are guided step by step in dismantling and analyzing your choices and possible decisions.”



  • Android


  • German


There are similar tools available for other devices or in other languages, e.g. “ChoicePro” in English.