WHAT IS Learning Snacks?

Learning Snacks allows learners to learn in small chunks. The learning snacks are structured like a messenger chat. Information can be processed and can be loosened up again and again with quizzes. This microlearning enables learning material to be broken down into small and short units. The learners can edit the snacks on their smartphone or computer/tablet.
The Learning Snacks are interactive and text-based dialogue systems. The job coaches or educational advisors can enter knowledge questions and provide appropriate answer options to choose from. Motivating sentences can be entered for correct answers, which then appear. Learning snacks are particularly suitable for repeating content or deepening knowledge on various topics.


1. The participants in a measure learn how to behave in the event of illness. This includes, for example, assessing how it feels when you are sick. Who needs to be called and when do I need to go to the doctor? The participants have to learn and internalize all these steps in the course of the professional qualification. This information is discussed and processed in groups. Learning Snacks are suitable so that everyone can check their own knowledge again.

2. An employee works in retail and has to answer various customer inquiries during the working day. Many of the questions are similar in content. The employee finds it difficult to always answer in full sentences, even if he knows the right answers, he finds it difficult to formulate. His job coach creates a learning snack for him with the most common questions and he has to choose which answer sentences are the most appropriate. In this way he gradually learns to answer in complete and well-formulated answer sentences.

“The Learning Snacks are particularly suitable for dividing job-specific knowledge into small units. As a job coach, I can not only impart knowledge, I can also use the quiz elements to enable learners to independently check their own knowledge.”



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