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2024-04-29T12:52:24+02:0017. Juli, 2023|

Free version available Learning: Beginner various links under further information WHAT IS AI? AI is a rapidly advancing field focused on automating and augmenting human intelligence to solve problems. Some common examples of AI applications include digital assistants like Siri or Alexa, recommendation systems used by Netflix and Amazon, self-driving cars, and chess-playing computers that [...]


2024-04-29T13:06:37+02:005. Juli, 2023|

Free version available Learning: Advanced www.learningapps.org WHAT IS LearningApps? LearningApps.org is a free Web 2.0 platform and enables teachers to create and manage multimedia learning modules in an attractive form online with little effort. In addition to common task types such as assignment exercises or crossword puzzles, the authoring tool offers around twenty other task [...]


2024-04-29T13:06:14+02:004. Juli, 2023|

Free version available Learning: Intermediate www.learningsnacks.de WHAT IS Learning Snacks? Learning Snacks allows learners to learn in small chunks. The learning snacks are structured like a messenger chat. Information can be processed and can be loosened up again and again with quizzes. This microlearning enables learning material to be broken down into small and short [...]


2024-04-29T13:05:51+02:004. Juli, 2023|

Free version available Learning: Intermediate www.quizlet.com WHAT IS Quizlet? With Quizlet, you can create flashcards, use these flashcards for practice and play learning games with these flashcards. A flashcard always consists of the front, the term, and the back, the definition. This app is particularly good for practising technical terms from the learners' everyday professional [...]

Februar 2023

Money Dashboard

2024-04-29T13:05:33+02:0016. Februar, 2023|

Free version available Learning: Intermediate www.moneydashboard.com WHAT IS MONEY DASHBOARD? Voted the Best Personal Finance App four times since 2017, Money Dashboard is a personal fiance and budgeting tool, available on desktop and smartphone app. With a simple, clutter-free design, Money Dashboard is a go-to tool for helping to manage the finances of your clients. [...]

Oculus VR

2024-04-29T13:05:15+02:0016. Februar, 2023|

No free version available Learning: Beginner www.meta.com WHAT IS Oculus VR? Oculus VR is an app that is used with a Virtual Reality headset to simulate a realistic 3-D depiction of a different setting or environment than the person is currently experiencing. Someone using the VR headset to see this simulation can interact with the [...]

My World of Work

2024-04-29T13:04:53+02:0016. Februar, 2023|

Free version available Learning: Beginner www.myworldofwork.co.uk WHAT IS My World of Work? My World of Work is Scotland’s award-winning online career information and advice service. The online platform provides information and advice for people at all stages of their career. It is designed to support people of all ages and stages, with activities and tools [...]

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