Februar 2023

Januar 2023

Get to know Arkade-Pauline 13

2023-01-10T15:06:02+01:0010. Januar, 2023|

Where we come from Until the 70s and 80s of the last millennium, there was a great grievance in psychiatric care: Mentally ill people were excluded or led a socially marginalised life due to their limitations. The so-called "Psychiatry Inquiry" drew attention to this. It initiated a development aimed at raising the quality of treatment [...]

Juni 2022

Get to know ENABLE Works

2022-06-13T16:33:11+02:0013. Juni, 2022|

Hello everyone! As part of the content for our website, we thought we would introduce each of the partnering organisations involved in the BELVEDERE project, so everyone has a little background information on the work they do and why they decided to get involved with BELVEDERE. First up to be introduced is ENABLE Works, one [...]

Mai 2022

April 2022

Very different and similar at the same time

2024-04-05T07:55:48+02:0013. April, 2022|

If we look at different organisations how they support disadvantaged young people and adults in vocational training, qualification and placement, an impressive number of different approaches can be found. Even more, if we look also at organisations in different European countries. But with this diversity, how can we manage to find the similarities as well as a common language in a project so that the results to be developed in it fit everywhere?

März 2021

Website Kick-Off

2021-03-12T10:18:20+01:0012. März, 2021|

Hello World! We are online ... This is the first post on our project website. We are planning to publish news on project progress and first results throughout the project's lifetime on a regular basis.

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