Measuring organisational digital maturity

In order to assess the digital maturity of an organisation, a Digital Readiness Check developed and tested for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises / SMEs (see References / Acknowledgements) has been adapted and supplemented in BELVEDERE to meet the needs of the organisations that are the focus of the BELVEDERE project. The Digital Readiness Check, consisting of 29 questions, is divided into five subject areas in order to take into account the holistic nature of a digital transformation process:

  1. Strategy: Aspects of corporate governance, strategic digitalisation objectives, business model development.
  2. Technology: IT infrastructure, networking, modularisation
  3. Services: Service development and intelligent services
  4. Organisation & processes: Degree of standardisation / agility of processes, innovation management, collaboration and remote working
  5. Employees: Work tasks, skills, motivation and leadership

It is advisable to work through the questions of the Digital Readiness Check in an internal workshop with a small team consisting of representatives from different hierarchy levels and departments of the company.

The 29 questions already provide a good overview of the main areas of action in a digital transformation process. After answering each question, advice and recommendations are given on how to take the next step towards a higher level of maturity.

References / Acknowledgements
The READINESS-CHECK has been developed by Institut für Technologie und Arbeit (ITA) as part of its collaboration in the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Kaiserslautern (i.e., an initiative offering guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises and the skilled crafts as they embrace the digital transformation), funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Online available at: (last accessed 19 April 2023) in German