Februar 2023


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Free version available Learning: Intermediate www.mindmeister.com WHAT IS MindMeister? MindMeister is an online mind mapping application that allows its users to visualise, share and present their thoughts via the cloud". These mindmaps can be shared publicly or others can be invited to collaborate. Changes can be tracked in real time. In addition, there are various [...]


2024-04-29T13:09:54+02:009. Februar, 2023|

Free version available Learning: Intermediate www.padlet.com WHAT IS Padlet? "Padlet" provides digital whiteboards with various templates on which texts, pictures, videos, links, voice recordings, screen recordings and drawings can be stored. Collaborative work can be done on the boards and every change or edit on a pinboard can be followed live. A Padlet Board can [...]


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Free version available Learning: Beginner www.miro.com WHAT IS Miro? Miro is an online whiteboard that can be used collaboratively. Its features include simple brainstorming, mindmaps, diagrams, structured evaluation discussions, flowcharts, activities for events etc. Through countless shared templates from Miro and its users, you can be inspired and adapt them to your own needs without [...]

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